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Santa Cruz Paddlefest 2017 – FINALS

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 Full Results and Wrap up!


We are proud to have been able to put on another spectacular event for 2017! With highly contestable and downright fun conditions Steamer Lane really gave us a great canvas to work with. You couldn’t ask for a better arena for athletes to showcase their skills. We saw some incredible waves over the weekend and couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out.



SUP Men’s Overall – Mo Freitas

SUP Surf Men’s – Mo Freitas

SUP Race Men’s – Slater Trout

SUP Women’s Overall – Fiona Wylde

SUP Surf Womens -Izzi Gomez

Sup Race Women’s – Fiona Wylde

HP Open – Sean Morely

HP Women’s – Kelly Marie-Henry

Master’s Open – Sean Morely

International Men’s – Jim Grossman

International Women’s – Devon Barker-Hicks

Waveski Open – Tyler Lausten


Full competiton results!

2017 Full Placement List

Sunday_Cowells Heat_Scores

Sunday_Steamer Lane Heat_Scores

Surf City Race Results



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Sunday is Finals day!

7:20am – We’ll be making up the lost heats from Friday in the morning.

10:40am – Starts the Quarter Finals for SUP.

12:00noon – Begins the Semis finals for HP Kayak.

12:00noon – Also marks the first heat of Cowells.

Finals Start at 12:40 pm see today’s full posted heat list for details. 

sundays posted_heats

During the day, look for results coming in on our Facebook! We’ll post full results tonight after the awards.

Friday’s Heats and What’s Happening Saturday?

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Giorgio Gomez making the best of the tough conditions.

Wow what a day!

This morning saw some poor conditions but the guys and gals out there crushed it! This afternoon that wind picked up and made things a bit… challenging. We ended up having to call the Master’s, HP Women’s, and HP Men’s heats. The plan to to make up for it on Sunday and stay tuned for that. Today’s results. friday_heats_2017_score

What does tomorrow look like? saturday_heats_2017

Race in the morning!

7am start for check in.

8:15am skippers meeting. This meeting is for Indicators/Cowells Surfing competitors and ALL of the Racing competitors.

9am race start for prone and SUP.

9:40am (give or take) race start for OC1 and surf ski.

Surfing Indicators/Cowells!

**We  will post heats for Indicators in the morning during the Skippers Meeting.**

8:15am skippers meeting. This meeting is for Indicators/Cowells Surfing competitors. Logistically its the only time to make it happen to make sure the racing competitors get the right info as well. 

1:00pm Heats start! (got to wait for that sweet low tide)

Surfing Steamer Lane!

7:20am Heats Start. Kayaks/Waveskis will be first. SUP is in the afternoon shortly after the race. 

Posted heats: saturday_heats_2017

Party at Ponos!

6:30pm Raffle & SUP Race awards start at Ponos

As a reminder to competitors:

The only place to enter the water for the surf contest zone is the Cowells staircase or beach. Due to safety limitations set by the city the following areas are banned for entering the water: the Surfer Statue, Lighthouse Staircase, cliffs, and/or It’s beach. Any competitors caught by an official entering the water in this way will face a DQ.

Please be sure to be prepared and leave time for the 5 min paddle! 


Foul weather plans

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We have decided to cancel the Master’s, HP Women’s, and HP Men-s heats today (Friday) with the hopes that we can run them Sunday.

Please stay tuned for more info.

Friday Heats!

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Friday’s Heats are up! Please be sure to check in at the SCPF desk to confirm your heat times. See you in the line up!