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Friday Heats

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We’d like to thank everyone who attended this safety briefing this evening and a HUGE thank you to Adventure Sports Unlimited and Barefoot Wines for the venue!


You’ve been asking for them and here they are.

Friday heats

New Launch Site Rules!

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We worked hard to update Santa Cruz Paddlefest’s launching regulations and we are happy to bring you some exciting news!


Kayak Launching Regulations

In the past the event has only allowed Kayaks to launch off of Cowells Beach. This year (NEW TO THE EVENT) Kayaks will be allowed to launch off of any sand beach (that is not dog beach) at the discretion of the lifeguard staff.
What this means is during low tide Kayaks will be able to launch from the beaches that pop up by the staircases as long as the lifeguard staff feel it to be within their safety limits. It also means that Kayaks will have to continue to launch from Cowells Beach during high tides. Kayaks will not be allowed to launch off any staircases for safety concerns.

SUP Launching Reulations

Historically SUP were only allowed to launch from Cowells as well. We thought that was silly and worked with the city for a solution. SUP’s will now be allowed to launch from any public access point at the discretion of the lifeguard staff (except dog beach).
What this means is that as long as the stairways appear to have reasonable safe entry and the lifeguard staff are comfortable with the entry and exit of SUPs, they will be allowed to launch from the stairways.

launch map cowells
Launch sites are at the discretion of the lifeguard staff.
Launch Map Steamers 2018
Launching is at the discretion of the lifeguard staff.

A couple of Reminders

  • No competitor may enter the water from the cliff.
  • No competitor may enter the water from Dog Beach
  • Any competitor that disrupts competition while entering the water WILL face an interference call.
  • The lifeguard staff have the final say. Anyone caught disobeying their wishes will face a DQ.

Clinics coming to SCPF!

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The Santa Cruz Paddlefest is happy to promote beginner and intermediate friendly clinics coming to Santa Cruz the week of the event!

Liquid Fusion Kayaking

Join LFK for s special clinic right before the event starts to heat up!

High Performance Surf Kayak Clinic
Tune-up your surfing for Santa Cruz Paddlefest with LFK. This 4 hour clinic will focus on improving your paddle out technique, wave selection, take off, diagonal run, bottom turns, top turns, and body/boat/blade positioning for performance surfing.

Etiquette will be a theme through out the course including how to be a good ambassador of the surf.

This course is limited to 6 students to maximize learning and minimize impact on the surf environment. This course is designed for hp surf kayaks. Paddlers must have a reliable roll and have previous surf experience.

Clinic are available Thursday the 22nd and Friday the 23rd.




Join us and the F-One pro Rider Josh Riccio for a Foil Surfing Clinic.
$200 per person, 2.5 hours in the water and additional 30 minutes onshore for components oriented presentation.
Meet us at Cowells Beach on 21st of March. Time and location could change based on conditions.

The goal is to offer experienced paddlers and surfers a chance to get on the water with Professional F-One SUP racer & surfer Josh Riccio to learn more about surf foiling. 

During the 2.5-hour clinic paddlers will get to work closely with Josh and Billy to further their Surf/SUP Foiling skills and ability weather you are a seasoned foiler looking to get tips and techniques in the waves or you are a SUP surfer looking to take on foiling!

Give us a call at the shop (831) 600-7230 if you’re interested and to reserve your spot. (Limited spots only for quality instruction and safety)


Cali Collective

Join us during Santa Cruz Paddlefest 2018 and learn tricks and tips of competing in surf kayaking! Lead by seasoned competition veterans, you will be able take your surf kayaking to the next level and learn what to do (and what not to do) during the contest. Whether this is your first competition or you want to hone your skills, this clinic is for you!




Clinics are available Thursday the 22nd.


Volunteers for 2018!

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Have you got some downtime? Come and volunteer!

Our humble event runs on volunteer power. Everything from getting out heat results to setting up the race buoys.

Our community is Amazing

Seriously, the watersport community is a beautiful group of human beings. 

It’ll be just like hanging out with old friends, oh wait…

Do you like sunrises?

Most of the shifts aren’t actually that early, but every year we get a treat. We aren’t just trying to tell you that you’re beautiful, well maybe you are, but the friendships in our community are strong.

And that wave karma, its got to come from somewhere… 😉



2018 Schedule of Events

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March 22-25th, 2018

Thursday the 22nd
6:30 PM Mandatory check in at ASU
7:00 PM Dinner at ASU
8:00 PM Mandatory safety meeting at ASU

Friday the 23rd
7:05 AM Sunrise
2:52 AM High tide @ 4.9ft
10:19 AM Low tide @ 0.1ft
5:17 PM High tide @ 3.1ft
7:23 PM Sunset

Surfing at the Lane
7:20 AM Surfing heats start at the Lane
5:00 PM Booths Close
5:40 PM Last heat off the water at the Lane
6:00 PM Happy Hour at Olitas

Saturday the 24th
7:05 AM Sunrise
3:55 AM High tide @ 4.8ft
11:35 PM Low tide @ -0.08ft
6:45 PM High Tide @ 3.3ft
7:24 PM Sunset

Surfing at the Lane
7:20 AM Surfing heats start at the Lane
5:40 PM Surfing heats end at the Lane

Race @ Cowells
6:00 AM Race check in starts @ Cowells Beach
7:15 AM Competitors meeting @ Cowells Beach
8:00 AM Race starts at Cowells Beach
8:30 AM OC1 and surfski race starts at Cowells Beach
11:30 PM Racers off the water
5:00 PM Happy hour at Ponos
6:30 PM Race awards at Ponos

Surf @ Indicators (Cowells)
7:15 AM Competitors meeting @ Cowells Beach
11:00 AM Heats start at Indicators
3:00 PM Heats end at Indicators

Sunday the 25th
7:05 AM Sunrise
5:08 AM High tide @ 4.87ft
12:44 PM Low tide @ -0.3ft
7:50PM High Tide @ 3.6ft
7:25 PM Sunset

Surfing at the Lane
6:00 AM First Volunteers at the Lane
7:20 AM Surfing heats start at the Lane
4:00 PM Last heat off the water at the Lane
4:30 PM Booths Close

Surf @ Indicators (Cowells)
11:00 PM Heats start at Indicators
3:00 PM Heats end at Indicators

Awards Ceremony
5:00 PM Awards Ceremony at the SCPF Tent


*Timing may change pending conditions. Please see the on site registration desk for most up to date info*


2018 Registration is under way!

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Registration is Live!

March 22-25, 2018 Steamer Lane, CA.

2018 Registration

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Bonaventure, John_MG_0611Its live! 2017 participants have 1 week to sign up and then registration will open to everyone else.

See you in the line up soon,