Q: When is the event?

A: March 22-25, 2018

Q: When is registration open?

A: Registration is open. Surfing Registration closes March 9th.

Q: What is the difference between surfing Steamer Lane and Cowells?

A: Steamer Lane is the main event and it is aimed at expert paddlers. These are people who can compete all over the globe. They are able to handle 6 foot walls of whitewater and are familiar with surfing big and rocky waves. Cowells (or Indicators) is the smaller event aimed at the intermediate paddlers. It is held down the point closer to the surfer statue. The waves here are smaller, but still paddlers should be comfortable surfing near rocks. Competitors who have are not local or have not attended the event prior years are encourage to sign up for Cowells.

Q: What is the competitors meeting on Thursday the 22nd?

A: The competitors meeting is a mandatory part of the main event at Steamer Lane. During the meeting we discuss safety protocols and how the event functions. Many other FAQ questions are gone over during the meeting.

Q: Is there a competitors meeting for Cowells? When and where? Is it mandatory?

A: The competitors meeting for Cowells will be held at Cowells beach on Saturday at 7:15am at the race site. This is a mandatory meeting for Cowells Surfing Participants. 

Q: Is there a safety briefing for the race? When and where?

A: The safety briefing for the race will take place Saturday morning on the beach just after registration. It will be held at 7:15am on Cowells beach.

Q: When am I surfing?

A: Heats will be announced the evening before on the website and on Facebook. Look for the Heats page. It is your responsibility to know when you are surfing. 

Q: Can I compete at Cowells and The Lane?

A: No. The Lane is for the most experienced folk. Cowells is great for people who are not ready to take on the potentially 8 foot whitewater walls.

Q: Can I enter the sup surf competition and the race?

A: Yes. We have set up the race and the surfing events to not overlap.

Q: Where do I pick up my jersey for the surf competition?

A: SCPF will have a designated booth at the main event for all Steamer Lane competitors. The Cowells competitors will pick up their jerseys at the judges stand at Cowells. After your heat you are expected to return your jersey in a timely manner.

Q: Can I come watch? Can I watch from the water?

A: Yes you can watch! Viewing from the cliff is perfect. You can watch from the water but please stay far in the kelp. If you are too close we will ask you to leave and you can be sited.

Q: Will the event be cancelled and/or rescheduled in the event of inclement weather?

A: It is possible the event will be cancelled in the event of inclement weather. That would take the Coast Guard telling us we can’t go.