Saturday Surfing Results and Sunday Heats

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Today was so epic! Three events all lining up simultaneously of paddle surf and racing. We saw some absolutely tremendous efforts from our athletes in all facets! Tomorrow the SUP Men’s Quarter finals start at 9am. Cowells will continue surfing their second rounds at 10am. See you all there!

Steamer Lane Sunday_2018 heats

Cowells Sunday_2018 heats

Saturday Results




Saturday Cowells Heats

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Cowells Heats will start at 11am, stoked! Please remember to return your jersey as soon as you heat is over.

Saturday_2018 Cowells heats

Saturday Steamer Lane Round2!

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Alrighty, here are Saturday’s Steamer Lane Round 2 heats!

Saturday_2018 Steamer Lane Round 2 heats

For Cowells heats we have decided to post them after the competitors meeting in the morning. Please be at the meeting on Cowells beach at 7:15am ready for the meeting. Heats will be posted immediately after.

Kayaks will surf first at Cowells with an 11am start. SUP heats will follow.

Friday Heats

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We’d like to thank everyone who attended this safety briefing this evening and a HUGE thank you to Adventure Sports Unlimited and Barefoot Wines for the venue!


You’ve been asking for them and here they are.

Friday heats

New Launch Site Rules!

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We worked hard to update Santa Cruz Paddlefest’s launching regulations and we are happy to bring you some exciting news!


Kayak Launching Regulations

In the past the event has only allowed Kayaks to launch off of Cowells Beach. This year (NEW TO THE EVENT) Kayaks will be allowed to launch off of any sand beach (that is not dog beach) at the discretion of the lifeguard staff.
What this means is during low tide Kayaks will be able to launch from the beaches that pop up by the staircases as long as the lifeguard staff feel it to be within their safety limits. It also means that Kayaks will have to continue to launch from Cowells Beach during high tides. Kayaks will not be allowed to launch off any staircases for safety concerns.

SUP Launching Reulations

Historically SUP were only allowed to launch from Cowells as well. We thought that was silly and worked with the city for a solution. SUP’s will now be allowed to launch from any public access point at the discretion of the lifeguard staff (except dog beach).
What this means is that as long as the stairways appear to have reasonable safe entry and the lifeguard staff are comfortable with the entry and exit of SUPs, they will be allowed to launch from the stairways.

launch map cowells
Launch sites are at the discretion of the lifeguard staff.
Launch Map Steamers 2018
Launching is at the discretion of the lifeguard staff.

A couple of Reminders

  • No competitor may enter the water from the cliff.
  • No competitor may enter the water from Dog Beach
  • Any competitor that disrupts competition while entering the water WILL face an interference call.
  • The lifeguard staff have the final say. Anyone caught disobeying their wishes will face a DQ.

2018 Event Dates!

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dates announcement

Set your calendars! SCPF is ready set to go March 22-25. Competition will be from the 23-25. Don’t forget to take the time for the 22nd as well. You wouldn’t want to miss SCPF’s kickoff party!

Tentative Schedule:

Thursday: Clinics!

Thursday NightMandatory meeting for all Steamer Lane surfing competitors.

Friday: Round 1 of Surfing at the Lane.

Saturday: Round 2 of Surfing at the Lane, Racing at Cowells Beach, and Round 1 of Surfing at Cowells.

Sunday: Round 2 of Surfing at Cowells, Quarters, Semis, and finals of Surfing at the Lane.