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We’d like to give a warm welcome to our latest 2019 Santa Cruz Paddlefest sponsor, AT Overland Equipment.

We’re especially excited to have AT on site along the cliff at Steamer Lane during the event, showing off one of their latest products the AT Summit Camper. The camper is atop an extremely well appointed RAM 2500 truck, specifically built for overland adventures. Is there a better surf trip vehicle out there!?!?

A Little Bit About AT Overland Equipment:

AT is the designer, manufacturer, and purveyor of innovative high-end equipment for vehicle-based adventures, expeditions and remote self contained camping. They provide shelter, comfort, and convenience through their durable and distinctive products. Whether you require a turn-key expedition vehicle, trailer or accessories for your own build, AT is able to meet your specific requirements.

As North America’s Premier Overland Outfitter, AT offers expertise gained from years of experience in the field, both in North America and Overseas, offering product manufactured from their own designs. In addition to their own equipment, they offer high quality durable merchandise from around the Globe that meets their exacting standards.

Summit 5_Tacoma_7
Tacoma Build

AT offers a full service shop to prepare your vehicle for remote camping and your next long-range surf expedition. Their vehicle conversions department can provide you with campers, storage, water (hot & cold), heat, on board air, and living space, along with all the essential components like bumpers, suspension systems, body armor, recovery gear, power systems and long-range fuel tanks. AT’s experts can outfit your vehicle at their facility in Prescott, AZ, or provide you with the necessary components to do the work yourself.

A Little Bit About The AT RAM Summit Build:


AT’s show vehicle at the 2019 SCPF will be an American Expedition Vehicle (AEV) equipped Ram 2500 turbo diesel truck featuring an AT Summit Camper with fully self contained interior.

The Summit Camper provides a durable, insulated and lightweight wedge-style pop-up shell for today’s fuel-efficient pickup trucks, while still leaving room for individual customization.  The Summit sleeps two with enough interior room for one to stand when another person is in the bed.

The sleeping platform is out of the way when not in use, and easily pulls down when it’s time for bed. There is enough room between the sleeping platform and the roof to allow bedding to remain in place when the camper is closed, making total camper set up time extremely fast, truly under 30 seconds.

The Summit roof can be deployed with 100 lbs of cargo, like kayaks, SUPs and surfboards. The roof structure can also be walked on, which means it can serve as a great observation platform to get a good look at the surf conditions.

The honeycomb composite panels in the roof and walls not only provide insulation, but are impressively lightweight and offer incredible strength. For colder climates, when you’re out surfing frozen water in the mountains, there is an optional thinsulate tent liner to help keep you warm.

The AT Summit Camper is the ideal surf adventure home. Combine the awesome camper with a very thoroughly thought out, comfortable and efficient interior build and a super capably equipped truck and you’ve got the ultimate road tripping machine. AT Overland Equipment can build this dream machine for you, or help guide you in it’s creation and supply the top quality components required.

For more about AT Overland Equipment, and their surf adventure ready Summit Camper, be sure to visit their website: www.atoverland.com.


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SCFFest - SCPFest coupon - 2019 - Rio - Santa Cruz

Check it out! We are thrilled to be hosting the SUP FILM FEST Saturday March 30th. The showings will be at the Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz. Our coupon is only good for the first 100 to sign up so don’t delay!

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SUP FILM FESTsupfilmfest.ticketspice.com/SUPFilmFest-santa-cruz
PADDLE 4 Goodwww.paddle4good.org


SUP Film Festival with Paddle4Good

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We are excited to announce that we have partnered with our non-profit friends over at Paddle4Good to bring to you the first SUP Film Fest! 

On the evening on March 30th you’ll want to be at the Rio Theater in Santa Cruz. Filmmakers from all over the world have submitted their SUP, kayak, and paddle related films and we’re stoked to present them to you! We hope to inspire adventure, environmentalism, & community through the power of paddling & amazing filmmaking. We can’t think of any better way to increase the stoke we already feel after a day’s worth of racing and surfing. Expect to come away making plans for adventure…

When we first heard Paddle4Good’s story last summer it struck a chord in our hearts. Max, the founder of Paddle4Good, had just finished a surf session when he suffered a heart attack on the beach. Luckily his then crush, Andi, started CPR and engaged a team of passersby to help and call 911. While his heart didn’t restart until the 6th defibrillator shock in the ambulance, Andi and co’s quick action saved his life. 

The parallels that our own founder, Dennis Judson, experienced is staggering. While  warming up to surf in the Northern Ireland Kayak Surf World Championships he suffered a heart attack on the beach. Luckily some bystanders were able to rush to his aid and get him to an excellent hospital nearby. We were able to enjoy another week of Dennis’ laughter before his heart sadly gave out.

Our love goes out to these brave bystanders who are now heroes in our eyes. Every year similar stories end instead of continuing on. According to the American Heart Association 25% of all deaths in the US are from cardiac arrest. Administering CPR can triple survival rates and one of the many goals of Paddle4Good is to raise awareness and knowledge of basic CPR skills. They are amazing mentors to spread life-saving education through inclusive, adventure-based water activities. Expect to see these smiling folks at our event and please drop by their booth for a bit. 

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Visit Paddle4Good Here!