Final Results!

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Well, what can I say? The 30th Santa Cruz Paddlefest was a success! I can’t believe the amazing conditions that we had for all three days. Our all star roster of competitors really put on a good show for us. To top it off, everyone was smiling (seriously, everyone was). I am thrilled and proud of the event that we brought to our paddle sports enthusiasts this year and I hope to see each and every one of you for next years SCPF!


All the best,

Mat Hoff

PS: A big shout out to presenting sponsor, Starboard. With their help we were able to put on such a fantastic event.

Saturday Results and Sunday’s Heats

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Saturday saw some fantastic conditions with the building swell. More lines on the horizon for tomorrow! Sunday is going to be a busy day, please make sure you are on top of when you are surfing or potentially surfing.




Cowells Heats

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Corry cowells

Hello Everyone,

Cowells Heats will start at 11am Sunday Morning. We will post heats here as soon as we have them.  It always take a bit to get them ready, as we need to double check them a few times. As a solid fallback plan, please check in at the Steamer Lane site registration 



Schedule of Events

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 scpf letterhead

Thursday March 17th

6:00am – Surfers lot site structuring

10:00am – Sponsors Check in at Steamer Lane

5:00pm – Mandatory Check in at Adventure Sports Unlimited*see footnote*

6:30pm – Dinner at ASU

7:15pm – Mandatory Safety Meeting at ASU


Friday March 18th

6:00am – First Volunteers on site at the Lane

7:20am – Heats Start at the Lane

8:00am – Booths Open at the Lane

5:00pm – Booths Close at the Lane

5:40pm – Last heat off the water at the Lane

5:00pm – Happy hour and Tacos at Olitas on the Wharf


Saturday March 19th***

6:00am – First Volunteers on site at the Lane

6:00am – First Volunteers on site at Cowells Beach

7:00am – Race/Cowells check in starts at Cowells Beach

7:20am – Heats start at the Lane

8:00am – Booths open at the Lane & Cowells Beach

8:00am – Race/Cowells Safety meeting at Cowells Beach

9:00am – Paddleboard Race starts at Cowells Beach

9:30am – Set up for Cowells/Indicators Starts

11:00am – Heats start at Cowells/Indicators

11:00am – OC1 Race starts at Cowells Beach

2:20pm – Heats end at Cowells/Indicators

5:00pm – Booths Close

5:40pm – Last heat off the water at the Lane

7:00pm – Paddleboard Race awards at Ponos


Sunday March 20th

6:00am – First Volunteers on site at the Lane

7:20am – Heats start at the Lane

8:00am – Booths open at the Lane

12:00am – Heats start at Cowells/Indicators

3:20pm – Heats end at Cowells/Indicators

3:00pm – Booths Close & Takedown begins

3:20pm – Last heat off the water at the Lane

4:00pm – Overall Awards Ceremony at the Lane


*This of course is a tentative schedule. When dealing with the ocean things are bound to change. The SCPF desk at the event will have the most current updates.

**The mandatory safety meeting is for ALL Steamer Lane surfing competitors. Racing and Cowells competitors will be meeting on Saturday at Cowells Beach. Any competitor who fails to be present at the safety meeting will face a DQ.

***SUP heats will be held after the race, don’t worry they won’t conflict.

Outriggers coming to SCPF!

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Outrigger Announcement

March 19th. Cowells Beach, Santa Cruz

We’ve wanted to bring in Outriggers to our race for some time. This year we are stoked to say, “its going to happen!” The City of Santa Cruz has given us a green light to add them to our event.

To test the waters we will running OC1’s. Check out the map below. The Outrigger Canoes will race the 10k course. They’ll have a water start and skip the runs doing a buoy turn instead. Surf-City-race-course-2016

All registrants will receive a competitors bag chock full of swag and an event T-shirt with art done by Drew Brophy. Register online and tell your friends! If we get a good showing this year we’ll up the ante next year!