Wait list and unfilled heats

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Photo: Bryon Dorr

As you know the 34th Annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest is rapidly approaching. Registration is filling up and we have an established wait list for some categories. Over the course of the day our event is only allotted so much time, so we have a limited number of heats that we are able to run.

This unfortunate detail of not having enough hours in a day means that we have to limit the number of people who participate in the surfing events. At the moment we have categories that were allotted space but have not filled up. In the interest of getting as many people involved in the event as possible we will be reshuffling the allotted space.

This Friday the 28th we will make the decision and contact the wait list to potentially move them into newly created space. Please be on the lookout in your emails and inboxes and such.

If you haven’t signed up for the event as of yet, or wanted to but saw that there was a wait list, we would strongly recommend signing up before this Friday.

Hope to see you all at the lane soon!