33rd Annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest – Surfing Results!

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The 33rd Annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest did not disappoint! We had plenty of swell for a truly contestable competition in fantastic sunny conditions. This year the paddle surfing community was out in force cheering each other on and overall just having a good time. We all created a loving community atmosphere at this event and the amount of smiles throughout the weekend are a testament to that.

The level of surfing that we saw this year was off the charts! Well, just about at the top of the charts with some incredibly high scores being throw down by the athletes. Every year the level of surfing gets better and better and it is an absolute pleasure to watch. Who knows what next years competition’s surfing will look like and we are looking forward to see every one of you next year!


High Performance Surf Kayak Men’s

1. Odei Etxeberria

2. Xabier Olano OlarraDave

3. Johnston 

4. Matt Radis 

High Performance Surf Kayak Women’s

1. Devon Barker-Hicks

2. Teresa Rogerson

3. Laura Zulliger

4. Julie Mitravich 

Kayak Masters Open (40+)

1. Jim Grossman

2. Matt Radis

3. Dave Johnston

4. Sean Morley 


1. Zach Boyd

2. Jim Grossman

3. Bryon Dorr

4. Buey Grossman

Wave Ski Open

1. Ian Macleod

2. Jeff Hille

3. Shelly Palmer

4. Fletcher Burton

SUP Open

1. Poenaiki Raioha

2. Zane Schweitzer

3. Josh Riccio

4. Anthony Maltese

SUP Masters Open (40+)

1. Derek Hama

2. John Griffith

3. Steve Drottar

4. Olivier Guincetre

SUP Women’s

1. Fiona Wylde

2. Lara Claydon

3. Lucia Cosoleto

4. Kali’a Alexiou 

Kayak Intermediate Men’s

1. Gwenn Bezard

2. David Grigsby

3. Nova Love

4.Marcus Lees

Kayak Intermediate Womens’s

1. Debbie Hathaway

2. Sophia Sotelo

3. Kim Mclennan 

Kayak Intermediate Juniors’s

1. Buey Grossman

2. Victor Bezard

3. Leo Bezard

SUP Surfing Intermediate Men’s

1. Jack Wygal

2. John Walsh 

3. Roger Schumann

4. Rune Hoyer Nielsen 4

SUP Surfing Intermediate Women’s

1. Kitsy Nipper

2. Nikita Tournebise

3. Misako Yamamoto

4. Kim Rueter

SUP Surfing Intermediate Junior’s

1. Maximilian Torres

2. Thomas Nilsen

3. Bodie Von Allmen

4. Riley Jaggi


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