SUP Film Festival with Paddle4Good

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We are excited to announce that we have partnered with our non-profit friends over at Paddle4Good to bring to you the first SUP Film Fest! 

On the evening on March 30th you’ll want to be at the Rio Theater in Santa Cruz. Filmmakers from all over the world have submitted their SUP, kayak, and paddle related films and we’re stoked to present them to you! We hope to inspire adventure, environmentalism, & community through the power of paddling & amazing filmmaking. We can’t think of any better way to increase the stoke we already feel after a day’s worth of racing and surfing. Expect to come away making plans for adventure…

When we first heard Paddle4Good’s story last summer it struck a chord in our hearts. Max, the founder of Paddle4Good, had just finished a surf session when he suffered a heart attack on the beach. Luckily his then crush, Andi, started CPR and engaged a team of passersby to help and call 911. While his heart didn’t restart until the 6th defibrillator shock in the ambulance, Andi and co’s quick action saved his life. 

The parallels that our own founder, Dennis Judson, experienced is staggering. While  warming up to surf in the Northern Ireland Kayak Surf World Championships he suffered a heart attack on the beach. Luckily some bystanders were able to rush to his aid and get him to an excellent hospital nearby. We were able to enjoy another week of Dennis’ laughter before his heart sadly gave out.

Our love goes out to these brave bystanders who are now heroes in our eyes. Every year similar stories end instead of continuing on. According to the American Heart Association 25% of all deaths in the US are from cardiac arrest. Administering CPR can triple survival rates and one of the many goals of Paddle4Good is to raise awareness and knowledge of basic CPR skills. They are amazing mentors to spread life-saving education through inclusive, adventure-based water activities. Expect to see these smiling folks at our event and please drop by their booth for a bit. 

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