Registration is LIVE!

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Greeting Paddlesports brethren,

We are very to announce that registration is live! A couple of things to remember. 

  • There is a mandatory paddler’s meeting Thursday night. This is for all Steamer Lane competitors. Here we will go over event safety and answer any questions you have. This is also when you sign the waiver and pick up your competitor gift bag. No waiver, no surfing…
  • Competitors interested in more than 2 categories will be wait-listed for their 3rd category. Please contact the organizers if you wish to do so.
  • Registration includes an event t-shirt for each category entered. 
  • Registration also includes dinner/drinks Thursday night and a raffle ticket.
  • We do not encourage simultaneously entering the Steamer’s and Cowell’s surfing categories.
  • PLEASE be sure to read over what you are registering for!
  • See you in the line up soon!

The very best,